Friday, August 31, 2012


It's been two years since I have updated this blog?!? No way! Well, I can't say that I am really surprised. There has been nothing to write about!

Yes, you read that right: Mutt's gone tame. Sure, he still steals my NOOK sometimes, or barges in my room, or sits on me when I am on the couch, but overall he is really kind to me now. We are at the same school again, for the first time in four years, and we are looking out for each other now.

Mutt is right tackle on our football team, and I will be rooting for him at his game tonight. I am looking forward to continuing growing in our brother-sister relationship, together, not as eternal enemies. I know some young sibling feuds that never go away, even to adulthood. I am very happy to say that this is not one of those circumstances.

So, this blog will no longer be updated, except to maybe describe the successful football career he is probably bound for. So, this is it. So long!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Booby Trap and Cross Sunday

I have two things for you today. The first one happened a while ago but have just gotten the chance to  write about it.The second one happens on a regular schedule somehow.

Well, a few WEEKS maybe even a month ago, I was ready to take a shower. But Mutt was taking an unusually long time in the bathroom. A few minutes later, he comes out, grinning saying,"There you go."

So, I go in. Only, after I opened the door, I stop dead in my tracks because an empty shampoo bottle, now filled with water, falls from the top of the door, barely missing me. Mutt had booby trapped the door!

Now, for our next topic: Cross Sunday. It seems to me that Mutt is especially cross on Sundays. I don't know why, it just happens. Like, Sunday turns a trigger in him. He barks at our parents, he sulks, and gives me looks that send chills down my spine.

Anyway, He'll be going to football camps all this coming week. On Mon- Wed. he'll be at a high school, and the rest of the week he'll be LIVING in a university dorm. Please pray that he'll have a good time and come home safe.

Hasta lu huego!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Week of War

Hello and welcome back to Annoying Brother Antics. Today was the first week of the "war" I mentioned Sunday. Here's the low-down:

Monday: The first shot is fired. Mutt knocks a book I was reading right out of my hands. I chase him to no avail. Instead, I fire back by stuffing his pillows in the freezer. He finds out, and tackles me, the matress of my bed going down with me.

Tuesday: We rest and prepare for tomorrow's battle.

Wednesday: As we were leaving church, Mutt gets a Styrafoam cup filled with ice. He slips, and blames me for his spilling the ice. Later, we were heading to the van, I start closing the door. Mutt runs for it, only to fall and spill his second cup of ice. I admit I was a little bit at fault there. When he gets into the van, Mutt falls on me, causing me to spill my cup of ice.

Tonight: I was washing my face, and Mutt just barges into our bathroom and sprays me with the squirt bottle I use for my hair. I take a small, paper Dixie cup, filled to the brim, and splash it in his face. Then, he chases me around the house, spraying me. When we get back to our bathroom, I rapidly, repeatedly fill my Dixie cup and dump it on him. Pretty soon, he takes the cap off my squirt bottle (which I had just filled almost to the top just a few hours prior, I might add) and dumps all of the water on my back. Significantly soaked, I surrendered and changed my PJ's.

So, that's our Week of War so far. If anything happens tomorrow, I'll let you know. See ya!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to the War?

Welcome back to Annoying brother antics. Someone put a burr under my brother's saddle today. I'm so mad that I can't describe it, but I'll try.

First, let me explain that Mutt has this paper, play $100 bill. As I was getting ready to leave my grandmother's today, I had to toss something in the trash. When I walked over to a waste basket, I accidentally stepped on that bill. I didn't rip or anything, but Mutt went balistic.


"I'm sorry," I replied, "I didn't see it."

"Well, you need to start looking where you walk."

I had to go to another room to get my shoes, but I did overhear this conversation:

Mom: She honestly didn't see it.

Mutt: Still, she needs to look where she's going.

Mom: Do you honestly look down on the floor when you walk?

Mutt: Yes, because I don't want to trample anything. But she just bulldozes through things and doesn't care.

Dad: Did it rip or anything? Was it ruined?

Mutt: No, but it's the principle of the thing.

Later, when we got home, I took a shower. There was no towels in the bathroom Mutt and I share! Granted, sometimes I forget to tell him when I use the last towel, but to do it deliberately like he did is just cruel in my opinion.

Later, Mutt came into my room

He sneered and asked "How does it feel?"

"Those times I honestly forget." I replied "But to do it-"

"You forgot. This is becoming a stuck record. If you keep forget, we should have you tested for Alztimer's. You better start remembering, because welcome to the war."

What was that supposed to mean? When he walked off, I heard him yell "I BETTER WATCH TO MAKE SURE I'M NOT STEPPING ON ANYTHING IMPORTANT."

Is he right? Do I not care? Do I forget too often? These are things I ask myself all the time. Seriously, PLEASE comment your opinion of this story.

Until next time (which might just be really soon) ... bye.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Matress Tipping

Buenos noches! I know it is rather late, but Mutt did something that I just have to write about. It all started when I tried to watch The Princess & the Frog.

Well, I was quietly lying in bed, enjoying some smooth jazz, when my insane brother barges in. He gets into complaining how this was the eighth time I had ever seen that movie. We got into this big arguement, and Mutt eventually turned off the television WHILE THE MOVIE WAS STILL PLAYING!!!!!!!

I went out of my room after Mutt. I tried to get my dad to reprimand him, but he instead told me he allowed Mutt to come into my room!

I chased Mutt for a while, but we both stopped in my room. Mutt just made himself at home on my bed!

I scolded him and asked him to leave. He didnt move an inch. He bumped the remote control, sending my movie back to the main menu!

That was too much for me. I jumped on him, causing him to fall over the other side of my bed.

He eventually got back on the bed, and scooted my matress a little to the left. A minute later, he turned over, and the matres fell completely over the other side of the bed, Mutt and all!

Mutt left for the bathroom before he could help me remake the bed. So, I had to do it all myself.

Now, Mutt is still in here, making fun of my movie!

Until next time.. abinata!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello and welcome back to Annoying Brother Antics for the second time today. I just found something that really annoyed me. It wasn't Mutt persay, but something he wrote.

You may or may not have heard of Big Mac's Blog. It's my brother's blog. If you've read it, you know how many grammar/spelling mistakes he made. He isn't a spelling champion at all. You don't even want to know what grade he has in English.

It runs in my family when it drives me crazy when I see stupid little mistakes like that.

No matter how much grief I give Mutt, he won't fix them. He gives me the excuse that "he typed it up on his iPod and his finger slipped."

If you wish to see my point, click here.

A Month of Madness!

Hello and welcome back to Annoying Brother Antics. As I said in MCL, I've been busy and haven't written in a while. In this post, I'll describe to you an insane month I've had with Mutt.

March 13, 2010: While at Braum's, Mutt an my great uncle were playing salt-shaker hockey. It looked like fun, so I joined in. It was fun until I spilled it on my jeans. Then, Mutt started taking salt, and brushing it off on my clothes and in my hair. My great uncle laughed, encouraging my brother to do it even more.

Still the 13th: Mutt and I help each other clean our bedrooms. We make amends and say we'll try and get along and love each other like brothers and sisters should.

March 15, 2010: We play together and exult over the fact that we hadn't fought for 48 hours.

March 17, 2010: We get together with friends at Chuck E' Cheese's. Our friends come over and on the car ride there, we all make mischief with each other. We both enjoy watching the movie, The Princess and the Frog, on Blu-Ray.

That's my month so far. Can you believe it? Mutt and I actually are starting to get along! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, oh no. I am really enjoying having my brother be an ally and not an enemy. A friend and not a bully. I'll see you later. Bye!